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  Pregnancy niche is dedicated to sexual relationship with pregnant women, i.e. affection towards pregnant women, sexual arousal and satisfaction reached through sexual intercourse with pregnant women. Affection towards pregnant women and sexual arousal experienced during visual or tactile contact with pregnant women is also widely known as pregnancy fetishism. Medical term describing this fetish is maiesiophilia that means sexual fetish towards women who are pregnant, or appear to be pregnant. Pregnancy niche is very large and developed – it includes many branches, sub-fetishes and related niches. Closest fetishes and sub-niches are affection towards lactation, inflation fetishes, impregnation fetish and so on. Pregnancy porn is mostly depicting women on late pregnancy terms, because the bigger belly is and the riper breasts are, the more arousal they cause to fans of pregnancy fetishism. However, plenty of fans of this niche prefer porn and sexual contacts with women on earlier pregnancy terms. This is mostly explained with sex restrictions for women on late pregnancy terms that are mostly depicted enjoying oral and anal sex, fisting, but not vaginal sex that is dangerous for the child after seventh and sometimes even fifth month of pregnancy. Regarding the fact that the majority of pregnancy fetish fans are enjoying huge bellies, women pregnant with twins or multiples are one of niche’s cherished fantasies. Fans of pregnant fetishes unite in web communities creating community sites, forums and discussion boards, where they share their passions and fantasies, discuss porn sites, movies, lifestyle, etc. Currently there are two developed communities dedicated to pregnancy fetish; they are English-speaking and Japanese-speaking fans of sex with pregnant women. Besides of internet, pregnancy fetish is well developed in common sexual culture and is more spread, developed and accepted in European culture. The majority of pregnancy porn sites also originate from European countries – most of them are Danish and Italian. The majority of pregnancy porn pictures and videos are of erotic, tender nature, but some American branches of pregnancy fetish porn can be even disturbing and of brutal bizarre nature, like, for instance, pictures and videos featuring pregnant women getting all their holes hardly pounded with enormous cocks, their mouths and throats getting deeply gagged with enormous shafts, etc. Today there are hundreds of thousands of sites offering all imaginable types of pregnant porn including those featuring pregnant women exposing their tight bellies and lactating breasts, sites featuring masturbating pregnant women, sites with pregnant women doing oral job, or jerking men, pregnant women involved in straight and lesbian sexual intercourses including vaginal, anal and oral sex, sites depicting group orgies involving pregnant women and so on. Live chats are the youngest trend in pregnancy niche that has already won attention of the majority of pregnancy porn fans, because they offer live communication and unforgettable virtual sex.
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